Discrete Math!

Yooooooooo! It’s been such a long time everybody! I’ve been SOOOO BUSY!! Doing all my stuff! But alas! I am back! Why? Because anxiety is taking over and when this happens you must blog! And also exercise! I exercised first! Whoppee! Denise Austin always helps me with my anxiety deals!

So, w0w! I see this website has changed a bit. It looks kinda nicer! 🙂

O.k! Guess what? My semester starts on August 13, 2014, long sigh, and that’s what makes me so anxious. I know there’s still some time left but I keep thinking that I definitely will not have time to do absolutely everything I wanted to do before going back and I also keep thinking about other things that I don’t want to get into and I also keep thinking that I only enrolled in 4 classes and that I might not be able to take one of them because when they finally decide the time of the course it might clash with other more important courses~~~ This is making me upset~~~ Because of all my mistakes I feel like I’ll NEVER graduate I must look like the biggest loser in the world~~~ 😦 😦 😦

But anyway I’m here to discuss the 3 classes that I KNOW I’ll take no matter what this semester. First of all I’ll be taking discrete math and boy am I afraid~ Someone told me our professor will be French, isn’t that kinda great? I want to enroll in a class to learn French but there was no space for me. 😦 That’s what I get for enrolling late. I left it all to the last minute ’cause I was too depressed and was thinking of dropping out. I wish I could promise myself never to get depressed but~~~~~~~~~~~~  But anyway yay! French prof!


I wonder if the prof will be female or male and more importantly will I understand the class?!?!?!

These are most likely the sections we’ll be covering:


-Set theory


-Graph theory


-Number theory


-Calculus of finite differences, discrete calculus or discrete analysis  



Am I afraid? Yes am I determined to be less stupid and negative and more open minded? Yes.

Look at what this guy is saying about how to understand it, sounds fair enough~

O.k watch this one! It’s a lot better. Now I feel all motivated to learn html coding!! Oooh!

Did you know discrete mathematics is also called finite mathematics? I just learned that in this video. 

O.k so I’m watching another video right now and apparently combinatronics has to do with counting methods, oooh! There are 4 types of counting: 1. Sequences, repetition is allowed. Apparently you can also call it permutation~ Order matters.

2. Arrangements= No repetition allowed. Order matters. Oooh he lost me when he began to program~~~

3. Subsets=order doesn’t matter and you can’t repeat. OMG! They’re suddenly talking about the binomial coefficient (n;k) I took some of that in Calculus 2 when we were studying series!

4. Multisubsets=order doesn’t matter but you can repeat. Ahaha! lol. New thing. it’s the same as the binomial coefficient but it has two pars (()) like that! Apparently it’s called n multichoose k 


So the video that I’ve been watching is pretty long and discrete math looks pretty hard, like Linear Algebra….

BTW did you know that when something is congruent it means they have the same shape and size? Yeah you prolly know that from elementary school geometry, with the triangles and all. I remember I did but I had completely forgotten about it, gee.

So this is the symbol for it:

vinyl-decal-sticker-1298The top line can be wavy if you want. It still means the same thing.

Oh God this video was mad long and boring. Watch it if you must, the guy is a great speaker though!


Well this post proved to be messy! Sorry! I’ll be back soon!! 😉



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