One hour of CODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yaaaaaaaaaaay!!! I finally completed an hour of code at! Remember that website I told you guys the prof told us to go check out and I did but decided I was waaay too busy to do the hour right away so I would do it during the summer? Well I finally did and it was MAGICAL!!! So much fun but kinda easy because I already know all the basics from the class so I kinda did it in less than an hour! But check out what they sent me:


Waaah! So COOL!!! But guess what? There’s a lot more stuff I can learn here! So I’ll keep doing that later because I have LIKE A TON OF things I HAVE TO DO THIS SUMMER!! So many things I wanna do! For example, remember that competition I went to in Bayamon well remember how I said I solved none of the problems? I’m trying to solve them. So far I’m still on the first problem but I told myself I wouldn’t work on it today because I’m super stuck and it’s making me upset and I have WAAAY too much to this summer. Like doing the hr of code if I didn’t do that I was gonna BLOW!!!!!!!!!! Urr- Oooh check this out (they gave me a silly certificate for participating, I got it that same day but I didn’t post it here that day when I made my competish post because I felt a little bit upset that day because someone  was acting up that stupid day he ruined the whole field trip for me!!! Thank God I met all the guys from the picture and they saved the day. Thank Goodness!! Ugh— Otherwise I would’ve been sad but I wasn’t! Yay! 


The one from is kinda prettier. lol. Sorry about blurring my last name but I have to protect myself. lolololololololol. 

So anyway! I got mah grades!! Wanna know what I got? Disgustingness!!! That’s what it was— Well I guess it could’ve been worst— I mean for all the emotional garbage I went through 4 NO GOOD reason except that I’m a major drama queen I could’ve done a lot worst considering all the time I spent crying, lol. Yeah!! Guess what now that I’m done with the class I can write all the embarassing things I couldn’t write when the prof was reading my blog! LOL!!! So anyway! My grades? I got an A!!!!!!!!! on Comp 3010!!! Yes!!!I feel like I can actually say that I triumphed! Ahaha! Because that was my goal!


Guess what was one of the things that saved me?! THIS BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!! I ❤ u, blog!!!!!!!!!! I got 100%!!! On the blog!!!!!!!!!! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! I told ya I was a blogger at <3!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You know it’s funny  so far I have two certificates on programming even if they’re kinda meaningless they show I’m into this stuff. Guess how many certificates I have on Chemistry? Zero. Not that I deserve them anyway. But neeee I don’t think chem is that exciting. Only kinda but I still love it even if I’m betraying it. I’m sorry but programming was my first love anyway. Teehee! Well anyway! At least I got an A on Biology and an A on Organic Chemistry but not on the others………. I got B’s!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOO!!! WHY CAN’T I KEEP UP HERE?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m such an IMBECILE!!!! Who cares! I’m not going to Harvard anyway! Plus I’ve never been smart I was just really really motivated in my previous university.

But here every time I went inside a classroom I was like:  “Why am I here? Can I leave?” Except at the comp class where I was like: “Why am I studying Chemistry? Can I stop?” I mean I ❤ chemistry. THe organic chemistry lab was like the FUNNEST thing in the planet!! We did SOOOOO MANY CRYSTALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wee!!! But still, eh whatever.




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