Virtual box NIGHTMARE!

So many bad things happened during these unblogged days. ARGH!!!!!! URGH!!!!! Ugh!!!!!!! THE PAIN AND MISERY!!!

I got a freaking 72%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On my last midterm!!! I MESSED EVERYTHING UP!!!!!! This is ALL BIOLOGY AND ORGANIC CHEMISTRY AND THE BIOLOGY lab’s FAULT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why did I have all those tests TOGETHER!!!!!!! So UNFAIR!!!!!!! Woooooo…. So u can imagine that my other grades… not that good either because I ended up studying a little bit for each… I got a 93 on the lab test and an 86 on org chem as for the biology class one I have yet to know my grade. This is horrible!!! I’m the worst!! I got a 68 in Food Chem and a 68 in Phys Chem. Why?!?!?! Since when??? Is this a loop???

#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

int main()





return 0;


Aside that, I’ve been into not leaving as much white space as I used to in my prgms because the prof said it wasn’t a good idea and I was like: Uhhhhhh! But then I thought about it and decided it was better that way because long prgms full of white space can get on my nerves too!! 

Now the other horrible thing was lab 6. BAD THINGS. BAD THINGS.

Prob 2 was a sweetie. Prob 1 gave me average trouble but I made it a little bit messy. But the rest were almost impossible and I couldn’t go to the prof’s office because we had no class and I started this thing seriously late sooo my friends ended up explaining a whole bunch of things and I read chapter 7. Because prob 4 and 5 were about arrays and I knew nothing about arrays now I know fors and arrays are best friends and nested fors are even more best friends w/ arrays. However, I don’t think I ever understood the way you add in a hexadecimal way because my result was definitely not the same as the one I would get w/ a hex dec calculator. The third one ran but I never got it to do what I wanted it to do. As for prob 5 I wanted to fix it because the thing is that the prof gave an example on the instructions where the array was already initialized but the book shows you the way for the user to input what he wants on the array. My problem has the array declared but then I thought I should fix that. By fixing I mean I should eliminate the initialization and let the user input the values for the array because that’s basically how prob 4 works too, user enters stuff, but then I said forget this I’ll concentrate on fixing prob 3 and 4 so I wasted all my time and suddenly it’s 11:47pm, the lab expires at 11:55pm. So I told myself you did what you could. Submit it already before it’s too late. Guess what? The internet on my virtual box wasn’t WORKING!!! And I can’t c/p to windows!!!! I already knew the internet wasn’t working and I had previously asked Emmanuelle how to fix it but he was like: I’ll fix it I don’t want you to ruin something. So u know I was like, o.k. But I hadn’t connected the dots until the last minute!!! I can’t submit w/ out internet!!! So at the MEGA last minute I ask Emmanuelle again but he’s like I can’t tell you if I’m not looking at it. Because he doesn’t have virtual box he has partial install which is what we wanted to do on my computer but we didn’t know how so we ended up installing the box. But the thing is I had to re-write everything in word!!! And WORD IS NOT AN EDITOR!!!!!!!!!! Plus it changes EVERYTHING to caps and junk!!! Who knows all the mistakes it has! I had to re-submit 3 times because I kept finding errors!!! So I don’t know if I’ll just get an F or what because I consider 3/5 are faulty and who knows maybe all 5 problems are already faulty but to top it all off and submit a word document, really?!?!?! Wooooooo~~~~. Pff and now I was going to show you the massage firefox was giving me but now suddenly firefox works and has a google bar that it didn’t use to have!!! WHAT THE HECK?!?!?!?!?! HAPPENED?!?!? I got trolled by my box. Sunday was the worst I ended up submitting 3hrs late anyway!!! Because I had to re-write everything. I HAD NEVER SUBMITTED LATE and I wasn’t planning.

But anyway now I’ll have to make up for it by doing COJ probs!!! And starting w/ lab 7 asap… 

So anyway Monday before the test is the only class I have yet to blog but guess what? We only did th practice test that day so I don’t have much to say so I’ll just talk about arrays. 

An array is like a variable that stores more than one variable and you do things with it like sorting! Which is basically what problem 3 was but it didn’t tell me to do it w/ arrays so kept trying w/ whiles…. So when you have an array you need to give it a type, a name and a size. You don’t have to fill the whole thing and Emmanuelle taught me that I can initialize them w/ defaults (this one’s for chars {”}) so I won’t have a problem with garbage. But arrays are awfully complicated. Sorting is hard because it needs so many functions or at least the algorithm presented on the book is like that. I’m starting to get confused w/ the word algorithm I feel people call everything an algorithm. I thought the algorithm was the sequence of instructions in English but people call algorithm to the sequence in C++ too.  

**Oh! Guess what I learned a few minutes ago? That you can actually save COJ problems in PDF!!! Useful~

That’s all I’m going to say for now because I gotta go… But before I leave I will thank all of you again! I got two more followers! Whee!!!


Thanks GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bye!!!

P.S I recently remembered that Ada is a programming language and now I’m all about wanting to learn that one!! Just because I look up to Ada Lovelace!!! I think it must be beautiful!! I also discovered that I should get to learning php if I ever want to start making websites. I also realize that if I have so many programming dreams I should just drop Chemistry because I feel SO TROLLED by it!! lolololololoolloolololollol!!


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