My grade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Remember I said I was about to take my first Comp3010 midterm? Well  PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My dream was to get an A but instead I got an 89% which is almost an A! Almost so it means I’m not good enough but at least it wasn’t an F!!! For some reason I thought I was getting an F on that test ’cause I didn’t quite understand the first program presented on the test but even so I was able to answer one out of three of those questions right! With the power of the bonds of reasoning!!!!!!! And the rest of the test was perfect ’cause I got all the points in all the parts. Hurrah!! Oh well thanks to those 2 questions I lost 11pts and therefore got an 89%… But still I’m super happy! I ranked 6/68 and I never really win anything so I’m super happy! Plus believe it or not I rank first in many of the quizzes. These are things I can’t believe! But I AM SOOOOOOO grateful!!!!!!! I only got a B because everyone was so nice and helped me understand the material so much. The professor with his office hours and Emmanuelle always spending his time on helping me get things, although he is SOOOOOO busy!! Ooooh the kindness!!!!!!! It makes me wanna cry!!! Also other people helped me like Rick and Alexander and his friend… EVERYONE!!!!!! Oooh the feels!!!!!!!




But still, my goal is to get an A on this class!!!!!!!! I always go for an A!!!!!!! I Only like A’s!!!!!!!!! Because I like doing my best you know! Hahaha!

Now let’s get down to a SEVERE problem I have and have always had and embarrasses me. I can’t do mental calculations very well only if I’m alone or if I ask myself the question. But when other people ask me I get super nervous and can’t answer so I just start saying random numbers to answer very quickly or don’t say anything at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The prof noticed. He told me to calm down and that I would get it right if I did. A few days later he asks me the remainder of 14/5 we all know it’s 4 but I freaked out and started looking at my papers and some kid that was sitting next to me said it!!!!!!!!!!! I needed a freaking BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANTED TO SAY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAARGH!!! And because I’m SOOOOOO AWARE of this FREAKING problem many years ago I got an app that asks you a lot of silly math questions like that one so I could practice my mental calculations and when I use it I get all the answers right but if someone asks then I GET STUPID!!!!! So the App helped me with NOTHING! Well I guess it did since I used to be terrible at mental calculation even in my head, lol. I just like to see everything on paper!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Guuuuh. No one would ever believe that I love math and passed all my Calculus classes with A…. (But then again through all my previous college years the calculator had always been my best friend… Shame on me). I AM A SHAME TO MATH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just kill me………. Oh hey! I remember the first day of class the prof said we could use this blog to vent our anger at the class I just did!! Except that I’m not mad at the class I’m just mad at myself for failing so much at simple mental calculations needed in programming and everyday life. Ugh! But oh well might as well get over it. 

So after a test I sometimes feel everything is over and that at last I can breath but then I face reality when I go to the classroom and the prof has already begun with a chapter that I have yet to read and then the cycle repeats itself. Silly Shirley behind in all her classes…. ESPECIALLY PHYSICAL CHEMSITRY, so behind…………………………………… 

So with that I’m saying we already started chapter 4 on March 7th. I didn’t take that many notes but if there was something I did take was only 4 lines in my notebook, lol. Great job concentrating Shirley. Nah I’ve actually noticed that if I read the chapter before hand then everything is clear and I can pay attention but if not, whoops…

So anyway, function call  sqrt(9.0)

something about functions in math and positions

library = machine code files

type casting, try avoiding it if you can. 

That was it people. Well see ya! Off to study for organic chem and attempt other things!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂


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