Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! Happiness!!!! So! I finally tried submitting another COJ problem and this time they accepted my problem right away!!!!!!! Ooooooh!! I’m SOOOOO happy and yet SURPRISED!!! Because I was sooooooooo expecting it to be rejected! Reason????? The compiler kept giving me a warning message and the book says that newbies MUST take warning messages as error messages. But to be honest every time I get a warning I honestly feel like running the program anyway to see what happens but I never do. What I do is that I go back to emacs and end up finding a ton of errors… lol.

This time however, I could find NO error so I ran the program and realized it was working just fine. The warning message kept telling me that the variable n was unused! But I very well know that I was indeed using n. So although I was afraid I decided to let the creepy online Judge judge my work. And trust me that Judge is to be feared. My first problem got rejected on my first try and accepted on my second. He is SOOOOO sensitive. But not a real person btw. I understand he’s just a machine. Still… I can see him laughing at all of us, newbies… lol……….

But anyway!! This time my problem got ACCEPTED!!! I’m SOOOO Happy!! And surprised.

Oh and good yet worrisome news! I officially joined ACM, that association I told all of you about, mmmmmmmmmmmhm!!!!!!! Whoops! I just got myself MORE work to do. I haven’t done anything on the association yet though. lol….

Oh BTW the problem I just submitted on coj was sum and I’m planning to do general election next when I have the time! I’ll do all of them!! Hohohoho! My goal was to make a coj prob per week but thT PROVED TO BE FAR TOO CHALLENGING FOR THIS NEWBIE… Whoops –caps— sorry. Anyway! Bye!!!!!!!


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