Useless Post :P


Haha! Input device acquired!! And it’s SOOOOO~OOOOOOO CUTE!!! I love it!!! I got it on ebay!!! Whoooooo!!! I’m saying this ’cause on my first post I remember I said I was missing an input device, mouse, and an output device, printer. (Still don’t have that last one) But now I finally have a mouse and I am SOOOO relieved because you know~ I hate that mouse pad thing on laptops, guu~. Does that even count as an input device? Doubt it! Because it’s like part of the machine but I wouldn’t know. Actually it is because it still helps me input stuff.

Oh yeah I found this about Ada Lovelace online, read it because it’s funny. If I was a mommy I think I’d be just like that too, kukuku!!!


O.k now I shall make a list of my programming dreams!!!

List of programming dreams:

1. Have my very own website!!! With my very own

2. Make my own Apps!!!

Uh~ I think that’s it for the moment but I’m a dreamer so trust me, there are a lot of programming dreams to come. Now let’s expand on my website dream. I’ve had this dream since we had our first laptop at home I was only 9yrs old and little did I know one day I’d be taking a programming class where part of the credit is blogging, whoop!!! And that I would be blogging about these things. 

So what would my website be about? Well when I was 9 I didn’t have a clue but now that I’m 22 I think I have a tiny clue of what my first website would be of. The answer is a website about my comic book. Yeah I’ve been writing this certain comic book since 2010 and it’s still ongoing because I am like soooo busy all the time not to mention writing and illustrating a comic book is a massive amount of work. I post my comic book on a certain website for webcomic-ers but I shall not post the link here for several reasons. Mainly because that has nothing to do with programming and second because it’s extremely embarassing. My illustrations used to be the worst when I started and although I’ve improved they are still horrible. If I had this website I would have different sections. I’ve been meaning to design a layout for it but I’m always so busy I’ve never gone around doing it. Luckily because designing a website involves programming we can design a rough draft of the parts my website would have right here!! Did I mention I know nothing about making websites? I can hardly keep up with the little programs we’ve made in class so far~ But anyway, the website sections, YESSS! These would be:

1. The reading section, here you would click and choose the volume you want to read. It’s only two volumes and I’ll make a spin-off of it later for a total of 3 volumes plus I designed an activity book (based on the comic) that I update from time to time, I guess the activity book could be on the reading section too. Oooooh! Guess what? I have a different blog somewhere else that isn’t here, (about my comic book; it’s for the readers I keep them updated with comic stuff and I post random things about whatever) and I haven’t told the readers of my comic that I’m making a spin-off later so you’re the first to know!!! Consider yourselves lucky!! LOL, kidding. Yeah I’ll probably start the spin-off like in 3 yrs anyway at this rate, lol.

2. Games, if I ever manage to make a website it will mean that I have become amazing at programming so I will program many mini games where all of the readers and non-readers can go play and have some relaxation, something I never have, lol. These games would probably be related to the comic’s plots and episodes.

3. Videos, if I became an amazing programmer I can also become a great animator and make some videos!!! Yeah, animating is yet another dream of mine. I already did a video of my comic using the panels but it sucked so much that when I posted it on my other blog I got no comments. Yay! At least they were nice about it. It was my first time on Sony vegas. It was a simple lame vide that was more like a slide show with music. Sony vegas is a great movie making program but it’s hard to use.

4. About the author, well DUH!!! Hohoho!!! A little section dedicated to myself like all authors do!!! lol

5. Blog, I love my other blog so I would continue it on my website or just have a link that directs the user to my current blog.

6. Contact us!, yes I would totally have a section for the users to express themselves about everything and send me lots of mail about what they think we can fix and improve on the website and what they want. But of course every section would have a comments section so they can talk about everything you know~

7. Fanart, in this section the user would upload their own art of the comic book like some already have but they post it on the website I post my comic because I don’t have my own website! Oooooh!!! I would post some of the reader’s fanart here but I don’t think I’m allowed because it has nothing to do with programming but otherwise I’d show it to all of you because my dear readers have SKILLZ! Their art beats mine so they draw my characters like a 1000 times better than me!!! 🙂 I ❤ them!!!

8. Cosplay, if any of the readers dresses up as one of the characters for a comic convention or whatever (lol, like that would ever happen) they can post their pics here!

9. Quizzes & Contests, I ❤ quizzes, not pop quizzes though and we take a lot of those online for this class, lol. Luckily they are online… so I would throw in a bunch of quizzes, like trivia or personality quizzes and such. I also love contests so from time to time I would make a contest and there would be a give-away for the first 3 winners!! The give-away would be merchandise based on the comic book in question of course! LOL!!! Yeah one time I designed a bunch of T-shirts and things and posted them on my other blog.

O.k so I think those would be the contents of my website if you think I left something important out let me know!!!

Now then. The most exciting part of my website would be yet another recently acquired dream. Including my OWN emoticons!!! I thought that was a programming dream but I spoke of it to my friend Emmanuelle and he was like “You don’t need to know programming to have emoticons” and I was like “but if I’m going to put them on a website somehow I gotta program something, right?” and then I don’t think he ever said anything about it. Maybe we changed the topic or something, eeeeeeeeh. But anyway, my website would have 100% original emoticons because I would design them all! Emoticons are great because they make each comment special so I would make sure the users would have A LOT of emoticons. I’m thinking that although I have no programming skills I’ll just start designing emoticons during the summer. They’ll be colorful detailed emoticons like the ones on our university’s email, that’s why I have to design them. Yeeeeeeeeeeah!!!

About my second dream. Ever since my mama got me an ipod back in 2011 I’ve been wanting to make apps so I joined this website called where you take tutorials and junk and suppossedly learn to make Apps but I don’t think it’s a very good website for mega beginners like me because I wasn’t getting anything and back in the day I didn’t even know what a compiler was and I had never ever heard of the terminal or emacs!! I knew nothing!!! So when I go to buzztouch and start hearing about source code I’m like “what? Wasn’t that a really sad movie?! Back in 2011?!”. Anyway the thing is that I never learned much with buzztouch but I did remember some terms. Mostly source code beacause of the movie. But then I met my friend Emmanuelle on September 2013 when I was new in this university and I was very lost and afraid and I learned he was studying programming and because I wanted to learn I start asking him a bunch of random questions and I talk to him about buzztouch and he explains what source code is I didn’t really get it but I understand I get it now that I’m actually taking a class about it!! This has been such a cool journey!! I think I was born to program!!!!!!! I ❤ computers!! Therefore I ❤ programs!! But guess what? When I was 7yrs old my dream was to be a scientist. Which is exactly why I’m studying chemistry and when I’m at the labs I feel happy and satisfied like I was born to be a scientist and then when I blog I’m like: “I ❤ this! I was born to be a blogger!!”. So maybe I’m a little bit crazy or just love everything but one thing is for sure: I HATE civil engineering!!!  Not the point. The point is programming is a beautiful thing that FORCES you to think thereby teaches you to think. I love it and I hope to continue learning more soon and I also hope I don’t get an F on the first midterm. So expect it. The next post will be about the material covered in class not about my dreams. 

See you soon people of wordpress!!!

P.S when I was trying to learn how to make APPs I struggled with what my App should be about I had many game ideas and then I had an idea that wasn’t for a game but for reading and junk but because I gave up on buzztouch I just did yet another blog about it. I update that other blog from time to time too! To be honest before this blog I already had 3 blogs. One that I haven’t updated in YEARS and the other two (the one about my comic and the one about reading) I update sometimes when I have the time. I realize now that my App idea was a terrible idea and that it’s better off as a blog. I now know thatnI have to continue developing a better idea for the day when I can finally program apps and sell them!!!


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