Caribbean Online Judge

Hey everyone! Recently I had to complete a very interesting programming assignment: To enter and submit the A+B problem at the Caribbean Online Judge!!. If you don’t know what this is you can find out more about it at their very own website: And if you live in the Caribbean and you’re a programmer you should join too! It’s basically a website where the whole caribbean in ALWAYS competing solving programming problems. The green one on top is me when my problem finally got accepted:Image 

They didn’t accept my first attempt because I inserted one extra output line that they didn’t ask for. I would show you all my source code but the prof told us not to spread the answer to the probs if we didn’t want to lose points. Because the more people that solve a prob the less points a prob costs. I wanna have a lot of points because they count as extra credit and I love extra credit so my goal is to solve a problem once a week, but I doubt I’ll be able to. I’m way too busy with all my classes 😦 

My warning to all of you who join this website: Careful!!! That Caribbean judge is very judgemental! You have to do everything according to their specific instructions.  😉

So far my rank is in institution is 97/135 and in country 169/275 but my friend Emmanuelle who is a great programmer is second place in institution and 5th in country, W0W!!! Isn’t that amazing!!! So he gets a silver medal for being second place!



COJ is fun and I look forward on trying to solve more problems there. But more importantly I should finish lab 2 (Programming Homework that needs to be submitted) before its due date. But what I really need now is some sleep. Goodnight everybody!!!


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