Why join ACM

ACM – Association For Computing Machinery is a not-for-profit association with 170 local chapters, 35 special interest groups and more than 500 college chapters, (or so I just read), and guess what? One these chapters is right here in our very own university! I’ve been thinking that I should join this chapter too!!! I wanna be part of it. I already spoke to the vice president and he said that if I join I’ll learn a lot about making websites, etc! And one of my MANY dreams has always been to have my very own website! And the best part of this chapter is that if you join now, it’s free!!! Unlike those other rip off college associations where you pay and never get anything back! If you’re interested in this organization watch the video and listen to what really important professionals such as Ben Fried, Chief information officer at google and others, have to say about it! Also if you belong to UPRM and want to join their chapter visit their website: http://pegasus.uprm.edu/acm

I still don’t know wether I should join now or next semester… But I will at some point soon!


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