January 17th, 2014

Last class felt very short. But we learned some things about commands and the command line interpreter. We use emacs in class. We saw the command line and wrote some commands on it. Commands that I learned on Friday were: ls = list files, cd = change directory and Ctrl r = reverse search. During last class we also talked a little bit more about secondary memory. The secondary memory stores between sessions so I’m guessing the secondary memory is the one in charge of saving our files etc. Is that it? 

Example of a command line:



Another that I’ve been up to was taking my very first programming quiz! I first read section 1.1 and some of 1.2 on the book and it helped a lot! However I got a 10/13, boo!!!!!!!!! I’m in it for a perfect score ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I did a second attempt and guess what happened?! The first question was about a command and since I don’t have much experience I got it wrong!!!!!!!! Blaugh. So guess what I did? I finished that attempt without answering the rest of the questions and tried again! Luckily I paid attention to everything this time and managed a perfect score! Isn’t this great? That we get to take the quiz as many times as we want?! I am sooooo grateful! I wish we could do this with the Organic Chemistry Quizzes… 

In section 1.1 we learn about the source code which is what you write in more human language and the object code is the machine language, what the computer understands. We get this last one from the source code with the compiler. The compiler translates the high language of the source into machine language. We also learn about linking, which is when you link different object codes together to make an executable program! All these things are also part of the first Quiz so reading the book is very useful!

Can’t wait to make my first program!!!

Pics are nice but I still want to make this blog more FUN!!! But how??!?! 


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