Cookies! ♥


Hello everyone! Today I was able to insert a photo without a problem! Which means that the internet connection last time must’ve been horrible or that the picture I wanted to insert was TOO big. So what am I going to blog about today? Cookies!!! But not cookies like the ones in the picture! I’m going to talk about computer cookies!! Why? Because I’ve always heard that but ‘m not sure what they are and last Friday I overheard the professor talking to one of the students and I believe he asked him: “Did you disable the cookies?” and I’m like: “Oh that again!”. And I mean isn’t it super cute that something that isn’t cookies is called cookies?! So I decided to do some extra research so I can learn more about these special cookies! Although I must say I already know al ittle because Rick, the one sitting next to me explained them to me a little.

Now check what I found at

It says these 0 calorie cookies are an ID card that tells the website you’re back! And just like real cookies they’re not malicious by themselves however they can harm you! When? When there’s personal data involved but cookies can’t be used to spread viruses or anything like that so phewh!!!

O.k! Now watch this video on how to enable/disable cookies

I didn’t try it because right now I’m not having any cookie problems but sometimes I visit a website and it tells me that if I’m having problems I should disable the cookies! But I’ve never had a problem like that so far. 

In conclusion cookies seem to be very useful when it comes to signing in at websites because the website remembers you, also when you search on ebay or places like that because they remember the things you look at and infer those are the things that you like so the website makes an effort to give you or show you more of the things you like! Isn’t that nice? Cookies are good and according to what I’ve read in different websites they are not dangerous you just have to make sure you yourself don’t give too much personal information that isn’t even necessary to go aroud spreading or something like that… 


Well this is what I’ve read for now. But before I go you know what I find striking? That before I searched for this online I looked for the word cookie on the book’s index and it wasn’t listed!!!!!  Don’t tell me this isn’t in the book or that this has nothing to do with the class!!!!!! I think it does because I heard the word in class. hehe.



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